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Livestock Artificial Breeding Companies in Australia

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (also known as ART) such as artificial insemination (AI), multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET), in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and "sexed semen" are commonplace in many livestock industries as a means of accelerating genetic gain and boosting production efficiency. The skills and equipment needed to practice such technologies are highly specialised and delivered by experts within what is referred to as the 'artificial breeding' industry.

The livestock artificial breeding sector is diverse and ranges from sole practitioners to multinational corporations, with some offering services in multiple species and others focused on a single species. In Australia, centralised information on this sector is not readily available. In an effort to remedy this for the sheep industry, last year I compiled the 'List of Australian Sheep Artificial Breeding Companies', a live google map which can be utilised by producers, students or other industry members who need to get in touch with the sheep artificial breeding community. Following the positive reception to this endeavour, University of Sydney Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience students Sophie Warr and Maddy Vandehoek have built a new and improved map resource that provides the name, location and contact details for all Australian businesses that provide artificial breeding services to the cattle, horse and sheep industries.

All current Cattle, Horse and Sheep artificial breeding companies have been entered into a google map which is embedded below. For ease of reference, each company's map 'pin' has been colour-coded according to the species to which they provide their services:

  • Cattle = purple

  • Horses = red

  • Sheep = blue

  • Combinations of the above species = green

Additionally, each pin colour i.e. species can be individually selected via the layer function, allowing users to only view artificial breeding services relevant to their livestock industry. As with the earlier 'sheep only' map, please note the location of each company has been selected according to their office location but many companies will service clients outside of their home state/region. For example, there are several NSW companies who service clients in Victoria or Queensland, and vice-versa.

We hope this map and the contact information it provides serve as a good resource in your search for suitable artificial breeding services to meet the needs of your livestock enterprise.

A few disclaimers:

  1. There are undoubtedly companies which have accidentally been missed in the generation of this resource. If you or your company have been left off the list, or your contact details/location need to be updated, please get in touch and we'll update the map accordingly.

  2. Details listed in the map are only those which were already publicly available. As such, some companies will not have full contact details associated with their listing. We'll add these manually should the relevant company ask us to do so

  3. Inclusion of a company on the list is not an endorsement by me of the company's services, simply an acknowledgement of the existence of the company and the publicly advertised services they offer.

  4. Pigs are not on the list as practice of artificial breeding in this species in Australia tends to remain 'in house' of the major pig production enterprises. Companion animals such as dogs, cats and alpacas have also been left off this list, but some of the companies listed here also service those species.

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